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  • Tim cahill Tim cahill possibly his last world cup and will want to go out with a shout in world cup 2014
  • alexis sanches alexis sanches Arjen Robben. The Dutch prince of soccer ready for world cup 2014
  • world cup 2014 Eto'o world cup 2014 Eto'o
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Brazil 2014 world cup live scores

Brazil 2014 world cup live scores

The Fifa 2014 World Cup is finally here
 and we're bringing you live updates from
 Brazil as the action takes place. 
Enjoy Brazil 2014 world cup live scores update

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Brazil 2014 world cup live scores

netherland vs chile live

As soon as these 2 teams had engaging victories each, Holland and also Chile qualify to the Round of all 16. What they will be much enjoying to from Monday in Sao Paulo is just place from the collection. Together with the second place group probably expecting to host Brazil of the knock-out stages, hope both countries to return about and try and acquire both the game.

netherland vs chile live


How t watch world cup online

How to watch world cup online

The world cup 2014 is a spectacle of beauty for all soccer loving fans worldwide and there will be a demand to watch it live. However just a few authorized companies have the legal rights to watch it live.The world cup has a fixed time schedule for all the matches and it will be easy to missout to watch the world cup online  if you are not aware of this time schedule.

The World Cup does not care if you’ve got work to do or it’s the middle of the afternoon in your local  time zone at kickoff. The World Cup matches will take place regardless of your time schedule . Even though the easiest way tofollowwith the action in Brazil is to get yourself a television, at a bar or restaurant where people will be in  feeling the World Cup spirit. All 64 matches will be televised on ESPN (43), ESPN2 (11) or ABC (10). Companies like ESPN plans toprobably  live stream the World Cup online or live matches through an affiliated pay-TV or Internet service provider in the U.S. for its WatchESPN and ESPN3 digital-video services. The WatchESPN and ESPN3 digital-video services are available more than 92 million U.S. households through an affiliated pay-TV or Internet service provider.  However you can always watch world cup online through ESPN and for tablets and mobile devices through WatchESPN and WatchABC.To watch world cup online through these services you will need to subscribe to their online services and voila, easy access to watch world cup online all matches.

Moreover Spanish soccer fans can watch world cup online through , Univision is streaming many games online for free. Only the first two rounds of the World Cup — the group stage and the Round of 16 will be available online.

Outside of the U.S  there are many other streaming options. In Canada, CBC is offering streaming online coverage to watch world cup online. In the United Kingdom, BBC is offering streaming coverage also to  watch world cup online Anyone with interest in the World Cup but no Internet access or television can try to find themselves a radio. ESPN Radio and SiriusXM will have coverage of the games Brazil.

“All sports fans will come together for the World Cup in Brazil, and there’s no better time — and no greater opportunity — to connect fans globally

across ESPN digital media than now,” said John Kosner, executive vice president, ESPN Digital and Print Media.

These are some of the ways to watch world cup online.

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Group C World Cup 2014

Group C World Cup 2014


Group C in the world cup 2014 can be a group full of surprises. All the teams in this group of world cup 2014 have all been in previous world cup and have not had major impacts their respective appearance. Ivory Coast, Japan, Greeece and Columbia are the contenders in this group. As much as these teams have not made any impact in the history of the world cup, World cup 2014 could provide the biggest surprise and any of the teams in this group could be the team full of surprises.
292136 300x208 Group C World Cup 2014Japan: Japan in world cup 2014 can be the team to look out for especially in the group stages. With stars like Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa all ready to showcase their talent, the Japanese team will be a major force to contend with in any game. World cup 2014 is deemed as the tournament of kings, Japan has a long way to go to prove themselves in this tournament. As mentioned earlier their stars like Keisuke Honda can be match winners in any game. The game between Japan and Ivory Coast is a game to watch out for in the group stages in world cup 2014.




Ivory Coast one the West African teams to make it to world cup 2014

havdidier drogba 1527262c 300x187 Group C World Cup 2014e a lot to show the world in this tournament. With stars like Didier Drogba playing for the last time in world cup, the team will push as much as possible to go far at least to the semis if possible. Ivory Coast will use world cup 2014 as the tournament to brighten the continent of Africa in the history of football.





Columbia in world cup 2014

Cristian+Zapata+Belgium+v+Colombia+s9eD6uya6Ssl 200x300 Group C World Cup 2014

Forget about their world cup history, Columbia seems to be in high spirits to make a mark in world cup 2014. They have a strong line of players who can do wonders practically in all the departments. The South American team is presently ranked fifth in the world. World cup 2014 was going to be the tournament for Radamel Falcao who has unfortunately has been ruled due to injury.However they have stars like Zapata who are ready to defend their country.Watch out for Columbia with world cup 2014


Greece is also among the top 10 best ranked teams in the world. It tends to surprise strong teams with an uncanny ability to strike back. It stunned the world after winning the Euro 2004 thus they will look to repeat that feat in world cup 2014.Star players Georgios Samaras & Konstantinos Mitroglou will look to showcase their talent in world cup 2014


World cup 2014 group stages

Group B Preview and Review World Cup 2014

Group B World cup 2014

FIFA ranking: 1
Ratings: Winners (2010)
Coach: Vincent del Bosque

Andres Iniesta photos 300x225 Group B Preview and Review World Cup 2014

Andres iniesta poised nfor action world cup 2014

Star player: Andres Iniesta, Diego Costa
Draw: They come in as the reigning World and European champions, Spain will have fear for no one in World Cup 2014. Spain will start their opening game against Holland in what can be deemed as the game to watch in the group stages of World cup 2014. The Spanish haven’t lost a game yet to Chile in their 10 games.
Prediction: IWith the opponents Spain face it will not come as easy as many think, but Spain can still be deemed as the top-ranked team in the world cup 2014 and should finish in the top two here in the group B of world cup 2014 and with the possibility of meeting Brazil if Brazil wins group A, Spain will do as much to win their group in world cup 2014 just to avoid the hosts.

FIFA ranking: 9
Ratings: Runners-up (1974, 1978, 2010)
Coach: Louis van Gaal

arjen robben Group B Preview and Review World Cup 2014

Arjen Robben. The Dutch prince of soccer ready for world cup 2014

Star player: Arjen Robben
Draw: The Dutch have always faced top opponents in most world cup but world cup 2014 provides the best platform for them to exact revenge on some of these opponents especially Spain considering their bitter defeat to the Spanish in world cup 2010. They will need to prove to their opponents in world cup 2014 that they deserve to be ranked amongst the greats in world football.
World cup 2014 will be the best platform for Holland to showcase their talent and with star players like Arjen Robben, they have all it takes to win the group or be runners up of group B in world cup 2014.


FIFA ranking: 15
Ratings: Third (1962)
Coach: Jorge Sampaoli

alexis sanches Group B Preview and Review World Cup 2014

Alexis Sanchez will have all to prove in world

Star player: Alexis Sanchez
Draw: Chile will pride themselves in the fact that no European team have won the world cup that has been hosted in South America and with that alone in mind, they will most likely go all out to take on the giant European nations with the necessary home support in world cup 2014. Star striker Alexis Sanchez will always be a threat to defenders of any quality and that spearheads their potential in World cup 2014
Prediction: With a much tougher opposition in their group in world cup 2014, Chile will be considered as the team to take the third spot in the group however Spain and Holland may be suprised if Chile puts up a real show in world cup 2014


FIFA ranking: 59
Ratings Round of 16 (2006)
Coach: Ange Postecoglou

tin cahill Group B Preview and Review World Cup 2014

possibly his last world cup and will want to go out with a shout

Star player: Tim Cahill
Draw: Australia will really be considered as the weaker team in the group considering the apposition from Spain, Holland and Chile in world cup 2014. However they can boast of never losing to Holland and will also want to cause a stir against Chile in their opening game to better their chances of making the group stage in world cup 2014.
Prediction: The socceroos have a very small chance of qualifying but they will want to aim for a win or at least a draw against Chile and Holland in world cup 2014





World cup 2014 group prediction

Yahoo Sports goes on to predict that during the Quarterfinals, Brazil will advance over Columbia, Germany over France, Spain bests Italy, and Argentina overcomes the USA. During the finals, Brazil is expected to beat Germany and Argentina will beat Spain. This puts the final against Brazil and Germany with the hometown team of Brazil coming up victorious.

World Cup 2014: Group Focus

Group Focus. World Cup 2014

world cup 2014 Neymar 300x200 World Cup 2014: Group FocusGroup A: World cup 2014 brings back all the excitement, the thrills, the chills and fevers as world teams battle for supremacy to the top spot. All is at stake in World Cup 2014 and just like all previous events, World Cup 2014 promises to show of its brilliance and all the excitement in one spot.
The game begins with the Hosts, Brazil ready to show the world what football in Brazil means and why World Cup 2014 is what will bring back the once glorious nation to the totem pole in football.
The groups are diverse and interesting this time in World Cup 2014. Group A consists of strong football nations including the hosts Brazil. The other teams are Croatia, Cameroon and Mexico. The first game in the group A of World cup 2014 is Brazil against Croatia. Brazil has all to prove to the world and they seek World Cup 2014 to prove to the world they are still the giants in world football. The team consists of star players like Neymar, Oscar, Hulk and many others who are ready to die for their nation in World Cup 2014. With all the expectation comes the burden of proof as the hosts to win the world cup 2014 and also to show they are second to none in world football.
Croatia on the other hand will play with much less pressure on them in World cup 2014 against Brazil. However once known as the European Giants in football, they will need to prove their worth and they will be no better opportunity to do that than against the hosts in World Cup 2014. The stars of Croatia such as Luka Modric, Mandzukic,Ivica Olic and Niko Kranjkar all have something to show the world as top stars in the game and to defend their nation against top nations in World cup 2014. The opening game promises to be exciting and thrilling with these two nations ready to battle it out in world cup 2014.
Cameroon and Mexico are the other two teams in Group A in World Cup 2014.
world cup 2014 Etoo 300x199 World Cup 2014: Group FocusCameroon staged a thrilling combat in their friendly game against Germany as they held Germany to a 2 all game. Star striker Samuel Eto’o might have to go the extra mile as World cup 2014 may be his last chance to prove to the world he still is the Eto’o who won the second best player award next to Ronaldinho. The star players include Benoit Assou Ekoto and Nicholas Nkolu ready to battle it out against Mexico in World Cup 2014.
Mexico filled with fledgling stars such as Javier Hernadez “Chicharito”, Adres Dos Santos, Andres D’allesandro and many others are ready to prove to the world they deserve to be called giants of the game especially in world cup 2014. Group A promises to bring all the thrills as it is a group filled with all the right recipes to be considered a group of death.


Group A: World cup 2014

12 June 2014
Brazil v Croatia, Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, 21:00 (ITV)( World cup 2014)
13 June 2014
Mexico v Cameroon, Arena das Dunas, Natal, 17:00 (ITV)     ( World cup 2014)

17 June 2014
Brazil v Mexico, Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza, 20:00 (BBC)( World cup 2014)

18 June 2014
Cameroon v Croatia, Arena Amazonia, Manaus, 23:00 (ITV)( World cup 2014)

23 June 2014
Cameroon v Brazil, Estadio Nacional, Brasilia, 21:00 (ITV)( World cup 2014)

23 June 2014
Croatia v Mexico, Arena Pernambuco, Recife, 21:00 (ITV) ( World cup 2014)



World cup 2014 headlines